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Required Ingredients:

  • Chana Dal/Bengal gram - 2 cups
  • Red Chilli/Pepper Powder – 1 tsp
  • Coriander powder - 1 tsp
  • Amchur / dry mango powder - 1 tsp
  • Pink salt / black salt as per taste – 1 tsp
  • Enough oil for frying
  • A little bit of fried curry leaves
  • Turmeric - 1 tsp
  • Water - 4 cups
  • Baking soda - 1/2 spoon
To make chana dal namkeen we need raw chana dal / Bengal Gram. Add baking soda and water to it and soak for 4hours. After that remove the water and wash in clean water. Here is our soaked chana dal / Bengal gram. Pour chana dal / Bengal gram in a clean cloth and dry it for sometime. You can dry it under fan or under sun.
Now turn on the stove and put a kadai/pan and pour oil for deep fry and heat it. Then add chana dal /bengal gram in hot oil and fry the chana dal/Bengal gram till it becomes crispy on medium flame. As you can see once the chana dal/Bengal gram is cooked it will start floating over the oil. This is the sign that the moisture has gone away and chana dal /bengal gram is getting lighter and crispy. Once the color changes remove them to a platter (by keep tissue on the plate). So that extra oil will be absorbed.
Adding masalas are all in your hand as per you taste. To make masala add some black salt/pink salt, Red Chilli Powder/Pepper Powder, Amchoor/Dry Mango Powder, Turmeric, coriander powder and mix these well. Now we will add chana dal/bengal gram to a bowl and mix this masala powder with Chana dal/Bengal Gram. Finally we add fried curry leaves to it and here is yummy, crispy and crunchy Chana Dal Namkeen / Bengal gram Namkeen. Kids will love this. Instead of having packet food you can give your children this homemade namkeen which is healthy and tasty also.