Ashgourd Juice | Weightloss drink must try with ashgourd | Drink to improve your metabolism | Juice to increase your immunity


Required Ingredients:

  • Ash Gourd - 100gm
  • Cumin Seeds - 1 Spoon
  • Ajwain - 1 Spoon
  • Salt as per taste or 1spoon
  • Amla/Gooseberry - 1
  • Betel Leaf - 6
  • Buttermilk - 1 glass or Curd - 2 Spoons
  • Water if required
As we all know ash gourd is low in calories and fats and thus it may be beneficial to people who want to lose weight and this drink will help the people to lose weight and it helps to control the cravings as well. Cumin Seeds is good for digestion and Ajwain helps for digestion and helps to reduce blood pressure. Amla/Gooseberry is good for skin and hair. And also it fights against the cold and increase our immunity and aids for weight loss. Betel leaves helps in reducing gastric troubles, allergies and headache. Buttermilk/Curd is a good fungi which helps to improve our digestive system and also cools our body during summer. It boots our energy and reduces the blood pressure. Buttermilk may help to lower cholesterol levels as well. All the ingredients in this juice /drink will help our body to cool down and reduces our cravings. Those who want to lose weight can drink this two times a day 30mins prior to your breakfast and 30mins before to your dinner in the evening. It helps to consume less food and also it helps to absorb the nutrients and minerals from the food taken in a day. Vitamin C helps to absorb the minerals and required essentials from the food which our body doesn't absorb it, if we don't consume enough vitamin c in a single day.

Preparing this juice is very easy.
First, wash the Ash Gourd, Amla and Betel Leaves and keep them aside.
Now cut the Ash gourd into small pieces. Cut Amla into small pieces and keep aside. Also cut the Betel Leaves into small pieces.
Now take a jar and add chopped Ashgourd/Pumpkin, Amla pieces, Betel leaf pieces, one spoon of Cumin seeds, one spoon of Ajwain seeds, salt to taste, one glass of buttermilk or two spoons of thick curd. There is no need to add water if you are adding buttermilk. If using curd, add a glass of water and grind it in a mixer. Grind it until it becomes a soft pulp.
Now take a net/Juice filter and strain it and drink that juice. It is delicious. And very good for health too. Also works well for those with gas problems. Increases digestion. Food lovers who eat a lot can reduce their cravings by having this drink. It helps our body to get enough nutrients. Be sure to make it and tell me how it is. This juice also helps in weight loss.